What is Amotai?

Amotai is Aotearoa New Zealand’s supplier diversity intermediary. They’re tasked with connecting Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses with buyers looking to purchase goods and services.

Amotai verifies Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses and holds a national database of Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses that are ready for work. They work with government, corporate and Iwi organisations to unlock procurement opportunities and enable meaningful connections and Māori and Pasifika businesses

How does Rāranga qualify for Amotai registration status?

As a verified Amotai business, it means that we meet the following criteria:

“Partnerships: at least 50% of each class of partnership interest is owned by Māori and/or Pasifika person(s) and such ownership must be reflected in the partnership agreement”.

We are an equal partnership with Te Rūnanga o Toa Rangatira – they hold 50% of the partnership interest.

Te Rūnanga o Toa Rangatira is owned by Ngati Toa Iwi and this is reflected in Rāranga’s partnership agreement.

Why is Amotai important?

Amotai looks to build sustainable wealth for Māori and Pasifika by increasing opportunities for Māori and Pasifika businesses and creating a sustainable pipeline of opportunities to enable the growth of Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses.

Amotai understands that supporting Māori and Pasifika business is a way to create a more inclusive, and more sustainable, New Zealand economy.

Amotai believes that entrepreneurship and supporting business is one of the main ways Māori and Pasifika can build wealth for their families and communities.

On top of that, proportionately, businesses that Amotai work with employ more Māori and Pasifika peoples than other businesses.